Two words: Vaginal. Knitting.

To clarify, vaginal knitting is performance art by Casey Jenkins where for 28 days she knits a scarf from wool stuffed up her vagina. This NSFW video explains her experience.

The work was originally titled “Casting Off My Womb” but the internet charmingly refers to it as “Vaginal Knitting”. The performance piece confronts taboos surrounding female genitalia. The artist explains saying that a vulva is part of the female body. Further saying, “Nothing is going to run out and eat you up”.

The scarf, which is rather long after 28 days, mixes from a white color to a brownish color. The color change is caused by the menstrual cycle. Jenkins explains it wouldn’t be a performance if she were to interfere with her menstrual cycle.

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Two words: Vaginal. Knitting.
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