Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

Hotel De Glace Located just outside of Quebec City Canada. The only ice hotel located in North America

The hotel a real work of art, it takes about 5 weeks to build and is made out of 15 thousand tons of snow and approximately 500 thousand tons of ice, this year the hotel is about 32,000 sq. ft.

The walls can be up to 4 feet thick, Ceilings as high as 18 feet and furniture carved from Ice blocks(including details as small at ice sculpted cups) its open from the beginning of January until about Mid-March.

The temperature varies only between a few degrees of -3°C and -5°C, no matter what the temperature is outside.

The hotel debuted in January this year with 44 breath taking rooms, And a Theme of “A Journey to the Center of Winter” Their packages are starting between 4 and 5 hundred dollars or approximately $300 per night.

Hotel De Glace has attracted some 800 thousand visitors since it started in 2001. The hotel offers a spa, restaurant, a grand Ice slide and chapel, there is also a bar made completely out of ice. (but of course.)

Most of the reviews say it’s a once in a life time experience to stay the night in this igloo of a hotel but given a second chance most of them would not spend the night at the ice hotel again, Most reviewers only got about 4hrs of sleep before they woke frozen and tired, even in their sub-zero sleeping bags. I don’t know about you but sleeping in 26 degree F temps doesn’t sound like something I would do. But they welcome all, even families and provide smaller sleeping bags for children.

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Ice Hotel
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