Frost Flowers

Frost Flowers

Frost flowers are ice that forms from the frigid air that looms above an ocean surface; they are not a rare site in the Arctic. The Air has to be below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, with calm winds so the flowers don’t just blow around and break up, but they can survive for up to but no longer than 2 weeks.

Frost flowers are very salty, they suck up seawater, then concentrate the salt and have 5 times the salinity of the ocean. Each flower contains one to two million bacteria.

Frost flowers don’t just develop on the ocean, it’s rare but frost flowers can be created on land in autumn or early winter when ice in thin layers are pushed out from stems of plants and occasionally wood.

Frost flowers are incredibly delicate and will shatter when touched. If you happen to get a glimpse of these beauties its more than Likely it will be your last, conditions have to be just right.

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Frost Flowers
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