GPS Fitted Bottles Tracking Stolen Pain Pills

GPS Fitted Bottles Tracking Stolen Pain Pills

New York Police have begun to ask pharmacies to plant decoy pain pill bottles fitted with a GPS tracker. Police hoping to prevent a robberies with the ’bait bottles’, which will be labeled as painkillers but filled with harmless placebos, that will lead them back to large stocks of stolen prescription drugs.

Just last year federal and The Police Department investigators seized 9,000 painkillers being sold at an open-air drug market in northern Manhattan.

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is expected to unveil the new initiative, called ’Operation Safety Cap,’ at a conference in California on Tuesday sponsored by former president Bill Clinton’s foundation.

The initiative follows last week’s announcement from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg "the city’s public hospitals will begin restricting emergency room patients to a three-day supply of opioid painkillers to limit abuse." Even though most addicts get their pills from family and friends who have leftover supplies from legitimate prescriptions. In addition to the ’bait bottle’ program, New York police have created a database of the 6,000 pharmacies in the New York City area, in which police plan to visit to improve security measures.

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GPS Fitted Bottles Tracking Stolen Pain Pills
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2763 days ago
Good job, Now all the druggies know to dump the pills in their own bottle and leave the other bottle behind.