Living under a Rock

Living under a Rock

Most people would be happy to live in an average house but for farmer Benito Hernandez it has always been a dream to live under a rock.

Benito is not a hermit; instead, the area he decided to build his house has been an interest to him since he was 8 years old. When he was young, he would visit the rock formation to see the Candelilla fields. He said that he would return often because the land where his house now sits was difficult to claim.

The home, made of cement and sun dried bricks is barely noticeable, tucked under the massive 120 foot mushroom shaped rock. The humble home has a dirt floor, a wood stove, and no plumbing or sewage system. The house does have electricity but it was said to be unreliable. A nearby stream provides the family with fresh drinking water.

The small home has been Benito’s residence for over 20 years now. He, his wife, and one of their seven children still live there. According to the family, the biggest challenge they have is coping with the harsh winters. Their water source freezes, food is difficult to find and it gets very cold. Benito and his family survive by harvesting the Candelilla plant, which is an ingredient to making wax.

Despite the challenges of living under a rock, Benito refuses to move to a more comfortable location. He prefers to tough it out and enjoys the beautiful landscape.

Would you live in a strange place if it had spectacular views?

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Living under a Rock
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2337 days ago
I also live under a rock but mine has a toilet.