The Obama Jobs Council is going out of Business

The Obama Jobs Council is going out of Business

Yesterday the jobs council that was set in motion by the Obama administration expired. The council was comprised of economists and business leaders, like General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt. Their task was to work out ways that businesses could spur new jobs within the community.

During the past two years, the council has only had four meetings where all members were present. Despite the lack of meetings, the nation’s unemployment rate has dropped from 9 percent to 7.8 percent during the last two years.

A representative for House Speaker John Boehner, who is a republican for Ohio said, "Whether ignoring the group or rejecting its recommendations, the president treated his Jobs Council as more of a nuisance than a vehicle to spur job creation." A statement from the Whitehouse shows a different view. A Whitehouse press release said, "Progress made by the Jobs Council on a number of specific policy issues has helped determine the next phase of our engagement with the business community and other outside groups on growth, jobs and competitiveness".

Some politicians are quick to judge the end of the jobs council but under Obama’s presidency, it is not the first time an economic council has expired. The Recovery Advisory Board started in 2009 to address the economic state of the country at the time also expired after two years.

The Obama administration has indicated their plans to create a sucussecor to the Job Council that would include a more diverse group of business leaders. A statement said, "The president, his economic team and his senior advisers will broaden the number of voices involved in the new effort to include not just members of the Jobs Council but also other leaders in the business community, academic and economic experts, and labor and non-profit leaders."

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The Obama Jobs Council is going out of Business
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