Girl Stabs Boyfriend in the Neck After April Fools Prank Fail

Girl stabs boyfriend in the neck after April Fools prank fail

Sometimes pranks turn out to be a disaster and so was the case with Derek Bauer as his 18-year-old girlfriend tried to pull a prank on him, which ended up costing him badly.

As per media reports, the Oklahoma girl Tori Wheeler planned to freak out her boyfriend by telling him that she was pregnant. It is unclear what lead to the next events but Bauer was admitted to the local hospital for a stab wound to the neck and two bite wounds.

An interesting note is that Bauer was the person who gifted Wheeler the knife that she stabbed him with. When he was admitted to the hospital, the doctors stitched the man’s neck and stated that he would eventually make a full recovery. At the same time, Wheeler was arrested on charges of assault.

No doubt, the prank Wheeler had in mind turned out to be something more than just another fun story. What actually happened between the two of them is something that is still unclear. However, the picture that was released by someone who claimed to Bauer’s brother shows that he was indeed seriously stabbed.

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Girl Stabs Boyfriend in the Neck After April Fools Prank Fail
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this article is a trip. The girl you are talking about, thats me. I good job for getting the story damn near correct, syke. but yet not quite. You people who enjoy this gossip seem to have left out the most important part. Smh.
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