Criminal Caught by the Internet

Criminal Caught by the Internet

CCTV released footage of a violent Brooklyn subway mugging where a man stole a woman purse. The video shows the assailant shoving and kicking the woman before getting away with the victim’s personal belongings.

The mugger can be seen in the security footage wearing a fraternity hoodie with the letters Alpha Phi Delta on the front and a pledge name of ‘Stugots’. Readers of the website Gawker used Facebook and Google to track down the mugger seen in the video.

The vigilantly internet mob was able to identify the mugger as 21-year-old Aidan Folan a local Brooklyn resident. Folan can be seen wearing the same frat hoodie is a Facebook photo. The New York Times reported that the victim escaped with only minor injuries. It is still unclear if Folan has been arrested or why the investigation was left to the people on the internet.


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Criminal Caught by the Internet
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