The Soundtrack of the Millennials

The Soundtrack of the Millennials

Technology has played a major role in the twenty years leading up to the Y2K millennium. With tech invading every aspect of modern living, it comes as no surprise that electronics have influenced a generation’s taste in music.

Digital sampling was a part of the soundtrack of the Generation X but electronic instruments were unheard of in the tracks from Soundgarden and Nirvana. The change is musical tastes marks the intro to a generation’s soundtrack.

Robin Hilton was noted as saying that he had no idea what Millennials listened to even though he subscribed to music magazines and receives mail order compact discs. The truth is that electronic music has moved beyond the crumbling physical media days and now exists in the digital world.

To hear what the Generation Y are listening to, one must take to the YouTubes and iTunes. Although, the diversity of music has continued to expand, one thing is clear; Millennials listen to electronic. It could be in the form of rap music or entangled with alternative rock. In many cases, the generation has drawn to pure electronica and even inspired genres like dubstep.

In some way, the Millennial Generation has shifted existing music genres to suit their tastes. House music has changed from disco beats to dirty electronic synthesis. Drum and Bass has morphed from deep jungle beats to a melodic liquid infusion with increasing influences from dubstep. The days of seeing a guitarist on stage with a full drum-kit in the backdrop has become more of a rarity. Now stages are stocked with sample machines, laptops, and digital mixers.

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The Soundtrack of the Millennials
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