I’ve Have a Headache It Must Be Raining

I’ve Have a Headache It Must Be Raining

According to some new research Headaches and electrical storms may be linked. Scientists at the University of Cincinnati found that lightning can contribute to your headaches and migraines.

The studies have shown that there is a significant increase in your chances of getting a headache or migraine on days that lightning struck within 25 miles from their homes.

The people in this study logged their daily headache activities for 3-6 months. While scientists recorded lightning strikes, all of it was calculated together – and their calculations held true, their results suggested that lightning has its own unique effect on your headaches

“Electromagnetic waves emitted from lightning could trigger headaches. In addition, lightning produces increases in air pollutants like ozone, and can cause release of fungal spores that might lead to migraine.”- Vincent Martin, a professor of medicine at the University of Cincinnati.

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I’ve Have a Headache It Must Be Raining
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