The Truth Is Revealed About Pregnant Child

The truth is revealed about pregnant child

A couple weeks ago, a story was spreading through the news like a wild fire. The story was of a supposed 9-year-old girl in Mexico who gave birth to a little girl. Her parents claimed that her “boyfriend” who was supposedly a 17-year-old boy, ran away yet nobody, not even Jalisco authorities could find him.

Paternity testing has revealed that the girl who gave birth is actually 12 or 13 and the State prosecutors also claim she was actually impregnated by her stepfather. (Um, yeah that’s right, her stepfather.)

The 44-year-old man is the baby’s father. After DNA tests proved that the man sexually assaulted his stepdaughter, local police arrested him.

The parents didn’t have a birth certificate and they were unsure of the girls actual age, that is the reason why the girl was believed to only be 9-years-old.


Did you know that the youngest mother ever was only 5-years-old?

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The Truth Is Revealed About Pregnant Child
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