Dorner is dead and police investigate the actions of the LAPD

Dorner is dead and police investigate the actions of the LAPD

After a nine-day manhunt, Christopher Dorner who was surrounded by authorities in a remote cabin in the California hillsides shot himself before the cabin went up in flames from a tear gas grenade. Medical examiners have confirmed that the man in question was in fact Dorner and the LAPD has begun investigations of the accidental shootings prior to Dorner’s death.

Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71, were caught in police gunfire as they delivered newspapers. Police mistakenly matched their blue Toyota truck for the description of Dorner’s gray Nissan truck. Hernandez was shot twice in the back and Carranza suffered minor injuries from the gunfire. Police Chief Charlie Beck called the situation “a tragic misinterpretation” by officers under “incredible tension”. The scene of the accidental shooting left bullet holes in nearby cars, trees, and garage doors. The two women have hired a lawyer and are processing a civil lawsuit against the seven Los Angeles police officers that shot them. Beck stated that the officers involved have been taken off fieldwork until the investigation is complete.

A few streets over, a police cruiser collided with another pickup truck that was also mistakenly thought to be dorner’s. Police opened fire on a man that was on his way to the beach to go surfing. Luckily, no bullets hit the man but he did suffer injuries from the collision. The police department offered the man payment for a rental car and for medical expenses but it is unclear if the man will pursue other legal remedies for the damage caused by police.

During the standoff between Dorner and police at the Big Bear cabin, the authorities tweeted, “The sheriff has asked all members of the press to stop tweeting immediately. It is hindering officer safety” which caused an uproar on the social networks. The media blackout led some to question whether the fire to the cabin was intentional but police claim that it was not their intention to set the cabin on fire. On February 20, a person trying to sell a photo of the “gruesome” and “charred” remains of Dorner’s body approached TMZ. There is no information about who took the picture but some have speculated that it was the police.

Timeline for Dorner's rampage

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Dorner is dead and police investigate the actions of the LAPD
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