Islamic countries seek to criminalize Atheism

Islamic countries seek to criminalize Atheism

A group representing 56 Muslim countries is seeking to place a global ban on denying validity to religious beliefs, which would make Atheism a punishable crime. In some countries like, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, there are already laws prohibiting blasphemy of the state religion that is punishable by death.

The group named the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has submitted new efforts to the U.N. that would prevent people from rejecting religious beliefs. The OIC uses the term "Islamophobia". The group said that their focus is on getting western counties to agree that denouncing religion is a criminal offense. Turkey's Foreign Minister Davutoglu spoke to the group saying, “For us, the well-being of the Muslim communities and minorities in non-OIC member countries is of paramount importance”.

Another group at the U.N. filled a report claiming that the OIC efforts discriminate against Atheist and the current laws prohibiting blasphemy are used to control followers of other religions. The group known as the IHEU said, the U.N. treaties protect “the right to reject any religion or belief” and “ to manifest non-religious convictions through expression, teaching and practice”. The IHEU compared Atheist’s rights to those of other religions by saying, “Just as freedom of religion or belief protects the right of the individual to follow a religion”.

Christians and Atheists have at least one thing that they agree on; everybody has right to freedom of opinion and expression.

What do you think, are western countries too careless about Islamic beliefs?

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Islamic countries seek to criminalize Atheism
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2870 days ago
I say good, ban atheism. I always get these annoying anti-god funny pictures on facebook. Atheist are the pushiest religion anyways.