Drug Deal Busted After Police Are Pocket Dialed

Drug deal busted after police are pocket dialed

When Molalla, Oregon, police dispatch received a strange call of a drug dealer talking about selling drugs to another person, dispatch tracked the phone’s GPS.

The man selling the drugs, pocket dialed the 911 service that lead police dispatch to overhear the conversation about exchanging money for drugs. Soon after, dispatch tracked the phone to an ally just one block away from the police station.

When police arrived, they questioned the two suspects, telling them of their pocket dial flounder during their drug deal. The two suspects denied having a working phone. However, police were able to shout and confirmed being heard by police dispatch that was still listening.

Officer Aaron Christopherson noted, “This, I will say, is a first, and got a chuckle around the department,” and went on to say, “They don't make it that easy for us, usually.”

The officer found some methamphetamine on the 25-year-old suspect, Raleigh Reynolds, who was jailed on multiple drug charges. The woman was found with marijuana and was cited.

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Drug Deal Busted After Police Are Pocket Dialed
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