Former inmate sneaks back into Jail

Former inmate sneaks back into Jail

Most released inmates try to stay out of jail for as long as possible but one man created an elaborate plan to sneak back into prison.

Matthew Matagrano, a 36 year old sexual offender was caught impersonating a correctional officer at several lockup facilities in New York. The man created fake a identification card and used a fake badge in order to gain access to the state facilities.

After Matagrano tried to impersonate a corrections officer at a Bronx courthouse, police started looking into his credentials. Police were unable to verify his identity and he was arrested for his impersonation. After further investigation, police spotted Managrano on several corrections surveillance systems.

It is unclear why the man wanted back into the corrections facilities. Some have speculated that he was helping inmates plan an escape. A complaint says that he was sharing cigarettes with inmates and also claims that he stole a radio from a staff office.

The man’s rap sheet includes sodomy, sexual abuse, and he was busted for impersonating a Board of Education worker after rifling through student files.

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Former inmate sneaks back into Jail
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