Chubby Batman Apprehends a Fraudster

Chubby Batman Apprehends a Fraudster

When news organizations first caught a glimpse of a photo that revealed a husky Batman in what appeared to be a vigilantly super hero bringing a criminal to justice, the media had a field day.

It turns out that the man is less than super, just a good friend with a strange sense of humor. Stan Worby, 39, was accompanying his criminal friend Daniel Frayne, 27, to the police station. Frayne was wanted by Trafalgar police for possessing stolen property and for involvement with fraud.

Worby told another news organization that he dressed up as the caped hero as a joke between him and Frayne. It may have been a strategy to get his friend to turn himself over the police but Worby was mysterious about the exact reason why he did it.

After seeing the photos, Worby admitted to looking a little more chubby than he would have liked. “I've got my full tracksuit underneath” he said, noting that the costume was thin enough to a bit too revealing without something underneath.

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Chubby Batman Apprehends a Fraudster
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