Tattoo skeleton face man arrested for burglary

Tattoo skeleton face man arrested for burglary

Police investigating the burglary of 28 storage units arrested a 24-year-old man from Illinois. The man’s skeleton-like face tattoo made him easy to identify, police said.

According to police Capt. Dixon, a chain link fence was cut at a local self-storage facility where the units were broken into. Adam G. Roberts was booked into jail and he faces three felony charges of burglary.

Last March, Roberts was arrested after police received information linking him to another string of thefts. After investigators got a search warrant for Roberts house, they found stolen video games and televisions.

Police were able to recover about a $1000 dollars of stolen property. However, police were unable to recover a sewing machine, professional wrestling videos, paintings, fishing equipment, and other items. Police believe that the man sold the stolen items.

Police are asking people to report any information if they happened to buy stuff from a skeleton face tattooed man in the Illinois area.

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Tattoo skeleton face man arrested for burglary
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