The Connoisseur of Highway Roadkill

The Connoisseur of Highway Roadkill

Arthur Boyt, 73, eats hedgehogs, squirrels, badgers, and even dogs that he finds on the side of the highway. His favorite body part is the head because he says that the eyes, tongue, and brain have unique textures and tastes.

Arthur is a taxidermist who lives in a remote area on the southwest edge of England. In the past, he would discard the protein of animals that he would skin and stuff.  In an interview with Vice he said, "I ate a badger once that someone else had picked up because they wanted its skull. It was blown up like a horse on the western front and it smelt rather horrible. When I cut into it, the flesh was green but nevertheless I persevered and stewed it. It made the house smell like the old fashioned mental hospitals used too, but boy it tasted delicious!"

After his wife left him when he was 36, Arthur began eating the meat from animals that he found. He says that he never intentionally kills animals. He believes that nothing that is edible should go to waste. In an interview with National Geographic, he admitted to also eating food from dumpsters.

Despite Arthur’s creepy freezer full of strange animals or his claustrophobic garage where he cuts open roadkill, Arthur says he is not a cannibal. Arthur’s strange behavior stems from his from pragmatic view of eating things that are outside the cultural norm. He said, “It worries me not a scrap, that what I do, other people might reject because it doesn’t fit in with the norms of society.”

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The Connoisseur of Highway Roadkill
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