The Best Taco Shaped Foods

Shaping food into the easy to eat taco shape is nothing new. The Choco Taco ice cream treat has been around for years. Yet, the famous u-shaped food has transcended its traditional shell to new heights.

waffle taco

Recently Taco Bell released their breakfast taco line including the Waffle Taco. It’s basically a waffle wrapped around some meat and eggs. The Waffle Taco does look appetizing if you’re hungry and plan to eat while driving.

bacon weave taco

Next is the Bacon Weave Taco, which replaces the corn shell with glorious stitched bacon. A definite Dude Food recipe, the Bacon Weave Taco is a marvelous feet of engineering.

Lastly, is the Pizza Taco from Boston Pizza Canada. The crust shell is cooked in a form so that the Pizza Taco can be eaten without utensils. It’s a cross between a calzone and a traditional pizza.

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The Best Taco Shaped Foods
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