Is Transcendence the Worst Movie from Johnny Depp?

Christopher Rosen at The huffington Post is claiming that Depp’s latest movie is his biggest flop. Using box office sales numbers and apparently accounting for inflation, he concludes that Transcendence is Depp’s biggest movie blunder.

Transcendence movie

Until now, human transcendence into a technology based consciousness hasn’t been covered by any recent feature films. The science fiction community seems to have praising words for a movie that explores dystopian futures of the human mind. Yet, some critics are expressing disappointment in the direction and execution of the movie.

Not accounting for inflation or speculating on the actual dollar gross amount of the film, Transcendence is not Depp’s biggest flop. The Rum Diary from 2011 had a opening weeked with lower sales. Yet both films are rated above 6 on imdb. Currently, the Transcendence film is sitting at a 6.4 rating which for most people means the movie is worth watching.

What do you think of the film?

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Is Transcendence the Worst Movie from Johnny Depp?
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