Google’s Self-driving Car Might Soon Make Driving Unnecessary

self-driving car

With the help of Google’s lobbying, self-driving cars are legal in a handful of states including California and Nevada. With the latest advancements of the autonomous cars, they can now navigate city streets filled with indecisive bikers, illegally parked delivery trucks, and more.

To date, the Google cars have driven over 700,000 miles without human interaction. In 2012, a self-driving car drove a blind man to Taco Bell. Even though the cars can avoid obstacles, they’re not impervious to accidents. So far, the Google cars have been involved in two accidents. Google claims that both accidents were caused by human error.


Even though the autonomous cars still can’t navigate every street, Google is optimistic about their goal —“a vehicle that operates fully without human intervention.” In the near future, self-driving cars might be available to pick you up at your doorstep. Letting computers figure out the most efficient way to travel would reduce congestion, stressful driving, and make traveling safer.

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Google’s Self-driving Car Might Soon Make Driving Unnecessary
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