Caffeine Infused Toothbrush?

Caffeine Infused Toothbrush?

Caffeine is the world’s most socially acceptable psychostimulant and it’s not just found in tea and coffee. Now the ‘drug’ is in most sodas; in addition to energy drinks, mints, gum, and maybe soon it will be in your toothbrush.

The Colgate Company has a patent that recently became public that shows research into a toothbrush with the stimulant embedded into the head where it is slowly released with use. A pad on top of the brush would allow the chemical to be released by brushing the tongue.

The same patent details how different flavorings could release a cooling or warming sensation while using the caffeine infused side on the brush. The pads would be shaped like a snowflake or a fireball indicating the flavors.

The patent has yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and its appearance comes at a turbulent time for oddly caffeinated products. Recently Alert Gum was removed from store shelves amid concerns from the FDA.

One has to admit that the product is creative. If a company can be the first to administer caffeine to consumers and get them hooked on their product, that’s a good business model. Plus, who doesn’t want that early morning boost to get the day started?

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Caffeine Infused Toothbrush?
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