Send a fax online?!

Send a fax online?!

Unfortunately, many companies and government offices still rely of PO boxes and fax machines in order to receive documents. They probably employ a single self-loathing worker to individually scan each incoming document and store them away in some imaginably over encumbered database hidden deep in a basement somewhere.

Your first choice might be to ask friends to fax your document for you but this does not always work out as planned. Another consideration might be to visit a local Kinkos and ask them to fax the document. They will gladly point you towards an enterprise grade scan, fax, copy, and print behemoth that will require reading the machines manual to produce anything useful.

If your documents are in digital form, say on a USB drive, then faxing by any traditional method will also require the sender to first print the documents. It would probably be cheaper to print and fax a document at a library but this method comes with problems of its own.

The good news is that there is a modern service that allows anyone to fax a digital document. There’s no need to read a printer manual or join a book club. Fax Zero provides a web interface that makes it easy to send a document via fax. They offer sending a few pages for free and have reasonable rates for sending more.

Plus, if you want to play a joke on a friend you can send a fax to their cell phone and enjoy their face when they answer only to hear intolerable buzzing and beeping sounds.

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Send a fax online?!
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2775 days ago
You can also use <a href=""></a> to send fax online. It works just like Faxzero except that it does not add Ads to user's fax.