Obama Not Cool with the IRS Targeting Conservatives

Obama Not Cool with the IRS Targeting Conservatives

After a press release accusing one of the top personal at the IRS of knowing of employees who were targeting tax-exempt conservative groups, Obama called the actions “outrageous”.

The official, IRS Commissioner Steven Miller knew that employees were targeting conservative groups in 2012, according to the agency. In July 2012, a Congress oversight committee questioned Miller before he was appointed to his position. Under oath, Miller concealed the truth when questioned about additional scrutiny used while examining the financials of certain conservative groups.

The tax agency issued an apology after the actions became public, saying that there were no high level employees aware of the wrongdoing. Later Miller announced that he would resign from his position. Congressman and conservative gym equipment model, Ryan Paul grilled Miller after his resignation.

In the congressional hearing, Miller didn’t have any answers and seemingly continued to conceal his knowledge of profiling within the IRS. He did say that the actions were not politically motivated but the hearing members were having no part in Miller’s responses.

Obama said in a press conference, “people have to be held accountable and that it needs to be fixed”. Later saying, “I’ve got no patience with it, I will not tolerate it”. A source later said that Obama would be appointing a new acting commissioner within a week.


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Obama Not Cool with the IRS Targeting Conservatives
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2434 days ago
Its dreck, the IRS didn't favor either side in there scruitiny nor is the law actually being applied correctly. The code is ment for exclusively not primarily public service groups. The instructions have been wrong since the 50's.