Sewer Baby Removed From Toilet-Pipe

Sewer Baby Removed From Toilet-Pipe

A property owner in Jinhua, China was notified after a tenant complained of a ‘whining sound’ coming from the sewage pipes of her building. Later police found out that the woman had ‘flushed’ the 2 day old child down the pipe.

Firefighters were able to cut the piping open to free the baby after several hours. The baby was called Baby 59 because that is the incubator number that the baby recovered in. Police estimated the newborn was only in the pipe for about two or three hours.

It is unclear if the mother intentionally meant to harm the baby or if something else happened. The woman is currently in critical condition due to complications with the birth. Police are waiting to complete an investigation into how the baby got stuck.

The hospital said that the baby escaped with just minor bumps and scratches. Hospital workers added that they expect a full recovery and that the baby will be healthy enough to release later in the day.

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Sewer Baby Removed From Toilet-Pipe
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Don't you mean...Two day old?
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