Does Google Know When You Poop?

Does Google Know When You Poop?

As technology becomes more important in daily life, the information about us becomes easier to find.

In recent months, the search giant Google has been making efforts to be more transparent about what information they collect. With all the leaked information about how the US government is using some questionable methods to collect information, many people have begun to question online privacy. One thing I have always wondered though is if Google knows when I’m sitting on the throne, you know, taking a crap.

For some time, I have known that Google can list my interests better than I could ever myself. One page explains how the company uses the websites you view to figure out what your interest are. For me, I get a list about 20 things that do a great job of explaining the things I like. A couple of my suspected interests were out of place because of recent searches I did for research. Yet, it’s a little surprising to get a small picture of what one company can conclude about a person.

Taking it a step further, I looked at the settings on my Android phone. I found one that said, “Let Google apps use this phone’s location any time the device is on”. No surprise that the setting is enabled by default. A search turned up a new page where Google is sharing some of the information they collect. The page shows how much time you spend at work among other things. It also shows places that you frequent and a map of your traveling habits. The map is what I was interested in on my quest to know if Google knows when I’m dropping a deuce.

After zooming in on my residence, I identified where I spend a lot of time at a computer, where I sleep, how I seem to pace while in the kitchen, and finally my time spent in the bathroom. The map marks my throne sitting as stationary as one would expect. So there you have it, if you have an Android phone, or maybe even just a Google app installed, the search company might know when you pooping.

I’m glad to see Google taking steps to become more transparent but at the same time it’s concerning how technology and privacy seem to conflict. Find out what Google knows about you with the new location history page. Do you think Google’s move to become more transparent is the right move? Why? Share in the comments below or discuss with your friends using the social buttons.

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Does Google Know When You Poop?
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