Crazy Glowing Animal Hybrids

glowing common jellyfish

In the last decade, researchers have found many uses for genetically modified animals using fluorescent genes from animals that naturally glow. Scientists take the fluorescent gene from an animal like a jellyfish and introduce it into an embryo. When the hybrid animal is born, its genome contains the fluorescent protein of the jellyfish.


One of the first publicly available glowing animals was the GloFish. The fish was originally developed to glow when swimming in environmental toxins. Now GloFish come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be bought at many pet stores around the world.

Where to buy Glofish?

Well, you don’t want to buy fish from the internet. It’s best to find a pet store instead. Many national stores in North America like PETCO and PetSmart will have them. In any case, call the pet store to ensure they have stock. Many small pet stores and fish specsific retailers might also have them. Use Google Maps to find a pet store near you.

If you live outside of north america, you can use the GloFish store locator to find the glowing fish.

Glowing monkey

A number of animals have been modified to contain a fluorescent protein in their genes. The above picture shows a monkey mixed with a jellyfish. The florescence in the monkeys was used to visualize Alzheimer’s research. Making an animal glow makes understanding certain research parameters easy to see.

Glowing cat

 The jellyfish protein was also introduced into cats along with a protein to protect them from feline aids or FIV. The luminance of cells made it easy for researches to see where the protective protein was because it would glow under a microscope or even with plain eye sight.

glowing rats

Would you want a pet that glowed?

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Crazy Glowing Animal Hybrids
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