Cat Furniture: Pet Washroom and Nightstand

Cat nightstand litter box

If you have ever been in a small apartment and had a cat then you will know what a pain finding a place for a litter box can be. The struggle is where to put something that can stink.

In most cases, you won’t want your cats waste near your kitchen or living areas. You could always put it in a bedroom but often times the bathroom becomes the default location for a litter box in a small place.

One way to solve the problem without resorting to a plastic igloo is the Cat Washroom and Nightstand. It comes in three different colors and goes well with a covered litter box. The nightstand gives you more storage for towels or anything else while hiding bad smells and unsightly litter boxes. It also works for small dogs that are potty trained.

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Cat Furniture: Pet Washroom and Nightstand
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