Sending Animal Crap to Your Enemies

horse crap in container

I've pulled some pranks in my life. Like putting lotion in a girls hair on the bus and covering a buddies house in toilet paper on Halloween. You know, every day things that horrible children do. 

But as an adult, you’ve got nothing to express your discontent for another human. Until now! Express your hatered for someone with a steaming pile of crap in a box. Delivered not by you but instead an average postal worker. The online company will do the dirty work for you.

Yes, not only can I send a fresh turd to that hussy that stole your boyfriend or whatever, you can add a nifty little note to the home-wrecker wishing her the very best with that two-second wonder of an ex-boyfriend with one testicle.


Yes, it’s gluten free, if you were wondering.

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Sending Animal Crap to Your Enemies
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