Kindlifresser: The Child Eater of Bern


If you ever want to scare the crap out of your children, take them to Bern, Switzerland for a little visual aid of what happens to naughty little children. 

In the center of town, there is a tall, bulky, demon sculpture known as the Kindlifresser. He carries a sack of babies while eating one. It was sculpted in 1546 for some unknown reason but is one of the oldest standing fountains in the city. While people aren't sure as to why this sculpture came to be, the townspeople theorize that it was built as a type of warning to the Jewish community of Bern. This Kindlifresser is wearing a hat similar to the yellow pointed Judenhut that Jews had to wear at that time. The second theory comes from the Greek Titan, Kronos, who ate all of his godchildren to keep them from taking his throne.

One of the most fascinating theories is that this figure is a boogie man from the Fastnacht Festival (Night of Fasting) that is a reminder to the children of Bern to behave themselves. 

What do you think of the sculpture?

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Kindlifresser: The Child Eater of Bern
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