8 Magical Bacon Products You Can Buy

Here’s our favorite bacon products you can buy now. Click a bacon image below, to be taken to the product’s page.

  1. Bacon Soap

It looks like something from the movie Fight Club but no just some awesome bacon soap.

bacon soap

2. Bacon Jam

If Martha Stewart is using spreadable meats, you know it’s good.

bacon jam

3. Bacon Costumes

Have the chops to pull off a bacon costume? Choose the men’s Bacon suit and/or woman’s bacon dress for that hot juicy look.

bacon costumes

4. Bacon Tape

Yeah duck tape now makes tape in the bacon variety.

bacon tape

5. Bacon Bandages

What will distract a crying child? BACON!

bacon bandages

6. Man Bait

The perfect cheap and fun gift for a bacon lover.

man bait bacon candy

7. Bacon Soda

Food flavored sodas for those seeking advantures.

bacon soda

8. Bacon Tooth Paste

You made is this far, so why not bacon toothpaste.

bacon tooth paste

Still craving some savory? Check out our iphone Bacon Scent Alarm Clock article.

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8 Magical Bacon Products You Can Buy
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