How Long until Google Glass is Cool?

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Google Glass is already more interesting than the earlier versions that looked like phones glued to safety glasses. Let’s be straight forward and agree that technology is playing an increasing role in daily life.

Where are we at now with wearable technology in 2014? Glass is not mainstream and it’s not even the only device competing for wearable tech. In a predictable fashion, smart watches have become a thing.

samsung gear 2

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 gives the wearer instant notifications at a glance. The $300 watch can answer phone calls giving the wearer a secret agent look as they speak into the device. It shows the weather, it can display maps, and of course it still shows the time. With all the cool new features of smart watches and the low price, it has brought wearable technology closer than a phone in the pocket.

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Although Google Glass has made cyborg looking eyewear more publicly visible, the $1500 price tag is a deal breaker for most people. Within five years time, the price of Glass should be more approachable. Smart eyewear is still a developing technology and the features of Google Glass are similar to smart watches. Glass eyewear still has some serious drawbacks like short battery life, limited apps, and less than ideal design.

augmented reality art

With people like B.C. Biermann pushing the new limits of technology, more fascinating features are being realized. His urban art combines what a camera sees and overlays an augmented reality. In the future, wearable eyewear will be able to project notifications onto billboards and overlay computer generated fantasy overtop of real world objects. Within a decade, wearable smart eyewear will be more cost friendly and app developers will have unprecedented access to create amazing new products. For now the general public will have to wait as Glass and other optics tech goes through the hipster trail phase.

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How Long until Google Glass is Cool?
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