Bonelab Skeleton Model Kits

Pentaceratops model

Greg Peltz from Bonelab designs animal skeleton models and cuts them out of plastic using a laser. Once assembled, they actually look like bones because of the white plastic and detailed structure. The kits can be bought from the Bonelab Etsy store and range in price from $17-$70.

Skeleton kit instructions

All of the kits come with detailed instructions to make assembly easy. The hardest part to putting the kits together is determining what parts of plastic are part of the kit and what parts are used in the cutting process. Each model has differing complexity. Some are easier to put together than others.

Rattlesnake skeleton model

There’s a handful of skeleton models to choose from and they include the display stand. The picture above shows the rattlesnake model, which is the most complex kit. The other models available include a seahorse, lion fish, and a pentaceratop dinosaur shown at the top. The kits could make for a great gift because assembly doesn’t require any glue or tools.


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Bonelab Skeleton Model Kits
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