5 International Fast Food Meals You Have Never Seen

International fast food chains increase their appeal to different cultures by having specific meals in different regions. What you actually get at a fast food restaurant will never look as good as the menu pictures but the region specific food choices do look tasty.

1 - China - McDonald's Dinner - Egg Flower Mushroom Soup

mcdonalds egg flower soup

More commonly known as egg drop soup. It’s made with wispy beaten eggs boiled in a mushroom sauce. It’s garnished with small chopped scallions.

2 - China - KFC - Tea Time - Bubble Tea

KFC bubble tea

I couldn’t translate the image very well but I recognized one product from a Chinese KFC menu. Bubble tea, the drink second from the left, is a flavored chilled tea that has little tapioca balls once you get to the bottom. It was originally a Taiwanese invented drink that has grown in popularity in various cultures.

3 - France - Burger King -  Hot Belgian Waffle

French burger king waffle

Despite being popular in America, the burger King Belgian waffle can only be found in European countries. It’s made with light batter and a large square grid pattern that forms large pockets. The pockets are use to hold melted chocolate.

4 - Germany - McBaguette Beef'n Cheese

German McBaguette Beef and Cheese

A baguette is a long crispy type of bread that is commonly made with lean French dough. The McBaguette is the German version of a Big Mac. Instead of stacking everything into layers they prefer longer sandwiches.

5 - Taiwan - KFC - Suck Tender Chicken Porridge

Tiawan suck tender porriage

Suck tender, more commonly known as congree, is a rice porridge. It’s the Asian version of chicken noodle soup. It’s a small meal that is eaten when one is ill.

What is one product that you would want to have locally?


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5 International Fast Food Meals You Have Never Seen
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