You Can Buy 300 Live Ladybugs on Amazon

Have an extra $5 lying around the house? Probably not, but if you do, you could spend it on Amazon and net yourself a small exodus of ladybugs.

There are multiple reasons for purchasing hundreds of these harmless insects. They're not as harmless as they appear to be. Maybe to us humans they're not a threat, but they’re deadly predators in the insect world, feeding on aphids, leaf hoppers, thrips, moth eggs, mites, and more. The product page also points out that obtaining and releasing these insects at a birthday party would prove a hit with children. Just make sure to refrigerate the bag of bugs when you receive them.

There are several reviews which complain about the bugs dying after and even before they're received, but the vast majority of reviewers are satisfied with their purchases.

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You Can Buy 300 Live Ladybugs on Amazon
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