3 Strange Rick Baker Movie Props Available for Purchase

Rick Baker is a prominent makeup artist in Hollywood. He made many props and artificial body parts for movies like Gremlins 2 and Men in Black. His career has been impressive to say the least. He recently put many of his unique creations up for sale. The auctions for his props are happening now. The following is three strangely awesome props that can be bought through the Propstore auctions.

1. Hatching Gremlin Puppet

Hatching Gremlin Puppet

The Hatchling Gremlin puppet has amazing paint detail. In the Gremlins 2 film, it can be seen hatching out of goo and squirming. It’s made from silicone and has rods to control the limbs.

2. Ballchinian

Ballchinian men in black 2

The Ballchinian character from Men in Black 2 is hilarious. The chin scrotum gives this piece a ridiculous yet memorable look. It’s another detailed prop but it is showing some degradation on the top.

3. Harry and the Hendersons

Harry and the Hendersons

This Harry and the Hendersons latex mask is really creepy. Seeing this Harry mask brings up memories from my childhood and the nightmares that followed after seeing the film. It could be a good display piece if your home decor has a Sasquatch theme though.

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3 Strange Rick Baker Movie Props Available for Purchase
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