You Can Now Use GIFs on Facebook

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The moment humanity has been building towards is finally here. GIFs can now be properly posted on Facebook. Static images have been long supported by Facebook, but the glory of moving pictures has long eluded the website.

Posting a GIF on Facebook is as easy as pasting the URL either as a post, or as a comment. Make sure to erase the URL when posting a status and replace it with your own musings. You'll also need to check whether or not the URL includes ".gif" at the end. Including that is crucial.  You'll know you were successful when a dotted circle with the word "GIF" appears over the image. Click that, and the GIF will begin playing.

The URL is necessary when posting as a comment though, so don't erase it then.

Here are some GIFs to mark the celebration. Happy posting!

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You Can Now Use GIFs on Facebook
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2055 days ago
Hopefully soon I can bedazzle my profile. ;)