Long Distance Relationship Gone Wrong

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With social media being right at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to engage in relationships with people from all over the country, and even the world. But, no matter how much you think you may know someone from your online relationship, sometimes things go so badly that you’re lucky to walk away from it with your own life still intact.

Samuel Campbell (26) from Alabama began an online relationship with Haley Fox (24) in 2013. This past week, Campbell traveled to Oregon to meet Fox for the first time, in person. He stated that he had plans to move in with Fox.

When Campbell arrived, Fox led him to a table outside and poured him a glass of wine. She then instructed Campbell to close his eyes, where she proceeded to bash his head in with a metal baseball bat three times. It is reported that as he was laying on the ground, he heard another woman talking to Fox, where they discussed the possibility of using duct tape to bind his hands together. Campbell convinced the women to take him to the hospital, and in exchange for their hospitality, he wouldn’t turn them in.

Fox was later arrested and stated that she beat Campbell in the head because she didn’t want to be in a relationship. She was booked and charged with first-degree assault. Her next court appearance is scheduled for April 20th.

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Long Distance Relationship Gone Wrong
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