5 More Mouthwatering but Strange Fast Food Items

1. India - Pizza Hut - Veggie Biryani

McDonalds corn soup

This surprising Pizza Hut item comes covered with a cornbread like crust. Underneath the crust, is biryani, a fried rice dish mixed with seasonal vegetables like red and green bell peppers.  It’s served with masala gravy which is a reduced soup consisting of tomatoes, onions, curry, and chili powder.

2. Japan - Burger King - Spam & Cheese Burger

japan spam burger

Spam is one of the few meats delivered around the world. The canned meat gained international popularity During World War II at a time when food rations were a thing. It has been 70 years since the end of WWII and canned spiced pork has become a part of native diets to some Japanese people. For those that have the acquired taste, Burger King offers the Spam and Cheese Burger.

3. Japan - KFC - Christmas Chicken

kentucky for christmas

Despite only about 1 percent of the population being Christian, KFC for Christmas has become a Japanese custom. So what’s with the Christmas chicken with cake? Foreigners’ looking for a turkey during the holidays found out turkey on the island nation was in short supply. Japanese people will order turkey months in advance. For the slackers there is always chicken. In 1974, KFC noticed the trend and now markets the Christmas chicken for around $32 USD. As for the cake, it’s not just about the flavor, it was once seen as luxury item only for the Elite. Post World War II, the surgery sweet has grown to become a must have holiday food.

4. Australia - The Brazil Burger

Brazil burger

During the 2014 FIFA world cup hosted in Brazil, McDonalds across Australia sold several country themed burgers. The Brazil Burger includes a beef patty made with beans, corn, and seasonal vegetables. Oddly enough, the bun is made to look like a soccer ball.

5. Japan - McDonald's - Tuna Muffin

tuna muffin

Take the round egg out of an Egg McMuffin and replace it with tuna and a sad piece of lettace to get the Tuna Muffin. Tuna is another popular food in Japan and some people swear this is the best item on the menu.

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5 More Mouthwatering but Strange Fast Food Items
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