Texas Woman Finds Bag of Cocaine in Granola Bar

Cocaine Granola Bar

When a San Antonio woman started eating a granola bar, a small bag labeled with green dollar bills fell out of the packaging. She thought she was a prizewinner and called the manufacture. To her surprise, she was an unintentional owner of high quality cocaine according to investigators.

General Mills Inc. manufactured the Nature Valley granola bar. When the woman contacted the company, they told her to report the strange finding to the local police. The police are now trying to figure out if the drugs were intentionally put in the package or if it fell out of someone's pocket near the assembly line.

A General Mills spokesperson said they don't think the bag was slipped at their facility. Adding that, "Inside the production facility the product moves very fast and it would be extremely difficult to get something in there. "

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Texas Woman Finds Bag of Cocaine in Granola Bar
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