Massive Amounts of Baby Spiders Rain Down in Australia

Baby spiders have taken to the skies in some areas of New South Wales, Australia. Millions of these arachnids landed in residents' backyards, in their fields, and their houses. According to residents, this is a yearly occurrence and not as bizarre as it appears to be. The event is lovingly named "Angel Hair" by locals. What massive amounts of spider web has to do with angel hair, I'll leave up to you to decide.

farm covered in spider webs

After mother spiders lay their eggs and they hatch, the newborn spiders climb up tall objects and take flight using a technique called “ballooning” to get away from their numerous siblings due to space limitations. It's kind of like sharing a room with four brothers. They all decide to move out at the same time and end up living back in another room together.

The weather has to be warm and not too windy in order for "Angel Hair" to occur. Once the baby spiders land, they build their webs at the same time, covering the landscape.

spider webs covering ground

Mike Draney, an arachnologist, reassures arachnophobes by stating that "Spiders can't bite humans until they get to be a certain size. When spiders are born, they're small and can't break human skin. I'd be very surprised to hear any ballooning spiders can bite." Despite the lack of danger, no one wants their property covered in blankets of spider web.

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Massive Amounts of Baby Spiders Rain Down in Australia
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