65-Year Old Woman Gives Birth to Quadruplets

Photograph: RTL / Pfeiffer

Annegret Raunigk, a 65-year old woman from Germany, has given birth to quadruplets. Raunigk was artificially inseminated last year with four fertilized eggs in Ukraine. In Germany, there are restrictions like minimum age of 25 and maximum age of 39 for women and 49 for men. She gave birth to one girl (Neeta) and three boys (Bence, Dries, and Fjonn) on Saturday. She is the oldest reported person to have given birth to that many children at once. In addition to the quadruplets, Raunigk already has 13 other children and 7 grandchildren of varying ages.

Photograph: AFP/Getty

Raunigk's quadruplets were born at 26 weeks, prematurely, and were delivered through C-section. She went on to say that she had “always liked life with kids ... and the constant challenges it brings."

Many are criticizing her for being "irresponsible." Should any woman be having children at such a mature age? What are the consequences for doing so? The infants were born in relatively good health, but what if their situations worsen or become problematic? They were already born prematurely, something which is dangerous enough.

Raunigk plans to keep and raise the children mostly on her own.

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65-Year Old Woman Gives Birth to Quadruplets
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