Futuristic Looking 'Ecocapsule' Makes Camping Easy

Tiny house pod

The new "Ecocapsule" portable home houses 2 adults and has everything necessary to live out in nature in comfort. The egg-shaped product is being developed by Nice Architects, a team of architects operating in Bratislava, Slovakia.

ecocapsule floor plan

Included are a small kitchen, working and dining spaces, windows, a working toilet, and even a hot shower. The Ecocapsule is powered by wind and solar power and collects rain water for use. The product is designed to simulate living in a "hotel room," but outdoors and on a small scale.

ecocapsule concept

The Ecocapsule is not yet available for purchase, but pre-orders will open to the public at the end of 2015. Although pricing has not been revealed, shipping costs for one unit are approximately $2415.27 in order to ship to New York. Pricing varies based on shipping location. This is an indicator that the price for the product will be out of range for most consumers.

Ecocapsules begin shipping in early 2016.

ecocapsule interior
Interior of an Ecocapsule.
ecocapsule camping
Camping in style.


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Futuristic Looking 'Ecocapsule' Makes Camping Easy
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