5 Men Arrested After Attacking People with Water Guns

A group of men were arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota for attacking civilians with water guns and water balloons. They were arrested after 6 off-duty Police officers arrived on the scene due to a complaint by some of the victims, who were riding a PedalPub. The passengers got off and held the attackers down and waited until the officers arrived.

People riding PedalPubs.

The attackers claimed that they were physically mistreated by the officers during the arrest. Francis Wayne Bellanger, one of the men involved in the attack, told KARE 11's Lou Raguse that, "What they did to us was much, much worse. They had violent intent in their eyes. I was scared."

Perhaps the group of men should have "attacked" each other rather than involving strangers. Their supposed “prank” has booked the 5 men to appear in court on June 4th.

Below is footage of the men being held down.

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5 Men Arrested After Attacking People with Water Guns
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