Stormtrooper Arrested Outside Elementary School

A man wearing a Stormtrooper outfit from the popular "Star Wars" franchise was spotted outside Brickett Elementary School in Lynn, Massachusetts on Wednesday. The cosplaying man even held a toy laser gun to complete the outfit as he walked past the school.

The school was put on lockdown by the principle due to the fear that he could potentially cause harm. The police were alerted and the 40-year old George Cross was arrested for loitering and disturbing the peace. Lt. Rick Donnelly stated that even though danger wasn't really posed, "He [Cross] did cause a disturbance and we can't tolerate that."

Cross perplexedly stated "Like I'm some kind of weirdo or something?" as he was being followed by reporters after a court appearance. He claimed to be showing off his outfit to friends.

The whole situation was a major overreaction. It is widely known that Stormtroopers have the aim of a toddler with without arms. Cross couldn't have shot anyone even if he had a real gun.

What do you think? Should Cross have been arrested or should he have been allowed to storm the streets uncontrolled?

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Stormtrooper Arrested Outside Elementary School
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