Robot Fails at DARPA Robotics Challenge

This won’t be coming after us in the near future.

If film is anything to go by, we'll eventually be wiped out by some sort of robotic menace. If real life is anything to go by, that day is seemingly never coming.

The DARPA Robotics Challenge, which took place in California, had contestants from all over the world build robots which were meant to assist humans in disaster scenarios. An obstacle course was constructed for the purpose of the competition. Robots were meant to navigate the course and earn points as well as receive a finishing time.

robot being carried by humans

The robots that participated were slow and clumsy, failing to mimic those in science fiction even remotely. Humans currently have nothing to fear in the "robotic terror" department.

Team Kaist won the first prize, which was $2 million. Second place was $1 million and was awarded to Team IHMC Robotics. Third place was $500,000 and was claimed by Tartan Rescue.

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Robot Fails at DARPA Robotics Challenge
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