Is This $300 Dollar Ergonomic Keyboard Worth the Money?

Keyboardio is setting out to create and sell the best keyboard on the market. They have been working on this unique, programmable keyboard for over 2 years and have finally taken their project to Kickstarter.

The philosophy behind the wooden Model 01 keyboard is that modern keyboards are clunky and outdated in their design and approach. Keyboardio claims that the Model 01 "feels more like a musical instrument than a computer peripheral." They wanted to capture the comfort and look of an instrument in their design of the keyboard. Some people spend all day using a keyboard, so it's only natural that the tool would be comfortable to use and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The Model 01 is also meant to last a long time and has light up keys as well.

The setup of the Model 01 is based off of QWERTY, but is not identical. Learning to use the keyboard will take some getting used to. Keyboardio claims that it can take up to 2 months to become fully adjusted to the Model 01, but that the benefits are worth it.

You can snag yourself one Model 01 if you back the Kickstarter at the $299 level. You can expect to receive your snazzy keyboard around April 2016. The funding goal has already been surpassed, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll receive a keyboard if you contribute to the campaign.

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Is This $300 Dollar Ergonomic Keyboard Worth the Money?
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