Will This Robot Replace Children?

A new household robot named "Pepper" is scheduled to go up for sale in Japan later this year.

SoftBank, the creators of the robot, hope to produce around 1,000 of these robots per month. One of these Pepper units will sell for approximately 198,000 yen, which translates to roughly $1,600. These robots can also be rented at 1,500 yen an hour.

There will be around 100 apps that are compatible with Pepper at launch, with SoftBank hoping that more will be developed as time passes and people become familiar with the platform.

Pepper is meant to interact with humans and read emotions, as well as recognize faces. Its functions are still limited, but impressive nonetheless.

Pepper may be released in other regions next year, but it is not yet clear. What do you think? Creepy or cute?

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Will This Robot Replace Children?
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