Dog Meat Festival in China Begins

"Man's best friend" has become "man's favorite dish" in China. Dogs are sold to consumers and cooked into various types of meals during the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival. The festival takes place in Yulin, China every year during the summer solstice. The government does not endorse the festival, but neither does it hinder the nasty proceedings.

Yang Xiaoyun , a Chinese citizen, paid more than $1,000 to save around 100 dogs from the bellies of hungry maniacs on Saturday. She is thinking of building a dog shelter to provide safety for the animals.

The internet has blown up in protest as soon as the news hit. A petition to stop the festival has amassed around 4 million signatures on Even so, the festival began on the 21st without incident.

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Dog Meat Festival in China Begins
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