Seriously Strange Japanese Music Videos

Few cultures embrace the realm of weirdness like Japan does. You don't have to look far to find a piece of entertainment that can be labeled as "bizarre" or "unsettling."

Although not all their music is flavored by this strangeness (heck, some of it is 100% normal), much of it is. Here are some particularly weird music videos that capture the quirkiness possible in Japanese entertainment.

You’ve got a highly suggestive chef with an innocent sidekick who is obsessed with American culture. Add dancing into the mix and you’ve got the perfect person to make you some legit sushi.

Candy is love. Candy is life. Make sure to add some toast and a machine gun because why not?

This is like 5 genres in one. I’m not sure the song knows what it is. Love the cute rap breakdown at 1:31 though. Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! 1! 2! 1! 2!

There you have it. Long live Japan. Any strange music videos, Japanese or non-Japanese, that you’ve found to be equally as strange or even stranger?

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Seriously Strange Japanese Music Videos
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